Edisi 2 Writing Contest! "Lecturer-student relationship, anything wrong?"

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Lecturer-student relationship, anything wrong?

Wait, what?
Why would that be wrong?
Does it stated anywhere in the law saying that it is wrong?
No, there aren’t any.
So why would that be wrong?

Is it wrong because of age barrier?
Of old lecturers and young students?
First of all, not all lecturers are old.
Second of all, not all students are young.
Third of all, it is not illegal for old people to get involved with younger people.
So age barrier is a no-go.

Is it wrong because of bias factor?
Or unfair treatment among students which leads to favoritism act by the lecturer?
First of all, lecturers are known for their professionalism.
So the chances of them being one-sided prick is really low.
Second of all, it is hard to be prejudice while all of the assessment for the students already have their own format.
So bias factor is not a valid excuse.

Is it wrong because people say it is inappropriate?
If this is the issue, then it depends on the beholder itself.
Why is it unsuitable?
Because students are supposed to ONLY study?
Because students are too young to handle an affair?
Yet there are lots of students who bud love among themselves.

Is it too hard to comprehend that this improper feeling of a lecturer having a relationship with a student is just a shallow-minded way of rejecting the unfamiliarity?
Or a kampong-ish way of digesting what relationship stands for?
Or an implausible argue in aiming towards the negative meaning of the word ‘relationship’?

Whatever it is,
I do believe that since some time ago,
people have been starting to interpret this type of relationship from a better view.
To find that there’s really nothing wrong with lecturer-student relationship.

And I AGREE with them.

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