Edisi Sentap! Penyanyi Adele suka makan kat Restoran Malaysia!

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Hmm, I thought. Bloody teenagers (Adele had not long turned 20). Got a hangover, more like. I heard she later cancelled a string of live performances in the US at the final hour.She won’t last in the music business. She doesn’t have what it takes: the drive, the work ethic, the single-minded ambition.

And then I do, finally, meet her, and I change my mind. The young women of the world don’t need another role model like Madonna: a hard-working harridan whose private life is in tatters. What they really need is someone deliciously self-centred, who puts personal freedom and happiness before success. Someone, in fact, just like Adele.  

We meet in a house in South London, not far from Adele’s stamping ground of Brixton, where her favourite night out is a meal in a Malaysian restaurant.
SUMBER: DailyMail

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Kaki Wayang mula terlibat dan serius dalam dunia penulisan kreatif sejak tahun 2006. Beliau juga terlibat dalam penciptaan lagu dan lirik lagu Nasyid dan pernah menjulang nama Politeknik Muadzam Shah apabila menjuarai Pertandingan Lagu-lagu Patriotik di PNM, Kuala Lumpur pada tahun 2007.

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