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Longing for a summer holiday? Italy, Fiji, Miami, we can hear those destinations calling, no scréaming, our name. But not every country is suitable as a holiday destination. We point out the most dangerous (sometimes unexpected!) tourist locations.

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Afghanistan: Terrorist attacks, suicide bombings and kidnapping attacks are the main reason that you won't be able to relax in this country. Due to continuous wars, the beauty of the landscapes has gradually disappeared and even the existing tourist attractions are not open for public.

Brazil: Most people don't know that the majority of Brazilian citizens is extremely poor. This is the main reason for the large increase of the crime rate. As a tourist you're the most easiest target (rich, ignorant) to get robbed.

Pakistan: Pakistan infiltrated with the Taliban and Al-Qaida and is no longer a safe place to visit. Increased suicide bombings and attacks on even the locals is making it a dangerous, risky place for tourists.
Iraq: Suicide bombings, terrorist attacks are nothing unusual in Iraq.
Zimbabwe: Political agitation and a degrading economical condition are increasing the crime rate. Armed robbery, mugging and carjacking have become very common in well populated areas of Zimbabwe.

Somalia: The country has a high rate of drug trafficking and the use of weapons by locals is still increasing. It's a gorgeous land, but we highly recommend you take an army of bodyguards with you when you take the risk to visit.

Colombia: This country is renowned for it's crime rate, robbery, kidnapping and even hijacking of domestic airlines.

Lebanon: The Palestinian groups and organizations such as Hezbollah are making Lebanon unsafe to travel.

Kenya: The tourist spots are centers for pick pocketing, armed crimes and other violence such as carjacking, kidnapping and even rapes.

Haiti: Haiti is one of the poorly developed nations in the Western Hemisphere with a reportedly high crime rate: drugs, armed robbery and murder.

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